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5 minutes with Brendan from Lightwire Business

5 minutes with Brendan from Lightwire Business

Greenfleet is the carbon offset partner for many businesses, large and small, in various industries, all working towards sustainable business practices. One such supporter is telco company Lightwire Business. Lightwire Business joined forces with Greenfleet in 2017 to plant a tree for each new client. We recently caught up with Brendan Ritchie, CEO of Lightwire Business, to find out more about the organisation and how working with Greenfleet is part of their ethos.

Greenfleet: Hi Brendan, can you tell us more about Lightwire Business?

Brendan Ritchie: Lightwire Business is a telco operating in New Zealand and Australia, providing internet, VoIP, wide area networks, and managed hardware to business clients. We are a division of Lightwire, a company that emerged from the R&D arm of the University of Waikato in the early 2000’s when fixed wireless services were developed to reach far flung rural communities. Lightwire now has over 50 staff across both countries and over 7,000 locations connected to our network.


You plant a tree for each new client in Australia and New Zealand, this is great! What inspired this environmental initiative?

Lightwire believes that it needs to play a role in improving the quality of life of staff, clients and all the people we are yet to meet. Andrew Johnson owns 100% of Lightwire and has always sought to be the best employer possible, offering benefits well ahead of market norms (see ‘Keeping Staff Benefits Aligned’). Looking to offset our own impact on the environment was an extension of this ethos and one that we hoped clients would relate to and support.

At a personal level, it is really nice to know that each sale has a slightly greater meaning than simply an improvement in the bottom line. Seeing the work Greenfleet does and the tangible improvement being made, such as those in Lake MacDonald, in Queensland for example, motivates me to perform and adds meaning to our sales successes.


Why have you chosen to support the environment through Greenfleet?

In 2017, when we decided that planting trees was a clear and measureable way to improve the environment, one that we could find through client acquisition, we had to look for a partner. Being a trans-Tasman company we had to work with a company with the same reach, and we needed to be sure they were trustworthy and had longevity. Greenfleet ticked all of these boxes and has been fantastic to deal with since we made the decision to partner with them.


Have you got any other environmental goals that you’d like to achieve?

The first milestone to reach is 1,000 native trees planted, which we should hit by March or April 2018. Longer term, we have aggressive growth goals for our company and want to see our commercial success matched by a continually growing tally of trees planted. 

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Greenfleet proves a great level of details and access to their commercial partners, my hope is that in 2018 I have the time to be more engaged and attend more events.

Thank you, Brendan, for taking the time to share more about Lightwire Business and for your wonderful support of Greenfleet

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