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Make your car the smartest, greenest car on the street

Make your car the smartest, greenest car on the street


Photos of GoFar's device installed in carAt Greenfleet, we’re big supporters of new, innovative ideas that can help us and you reduce our impact on the environment.

That’s why we love GoFar. GoFar is a nifty little tool that will take your driving experience to the next level.

GoFar is an intelligent in-car device that empowers you to drive your current car smarter – cutting your time in traffic, your emissions and your fuel use,” explains Danny Adams, Founder and CEO of GoFar.

Thanks to real time feedback from the GoFar device installed in their car, drivers can drive more efficiently. Not only it enables them to save money in their hip pocket by using less fuel but also be part of the climate solution by reducing the amount of emissions they produce.

We’ve partnered with GoFar to offer users the ability to offset their remaining carbon emissions with Greenfleet, straight from their phone using the GoFar app which is linked to the car.

I’m fascinated with the science behind GoFar’s device. I’ve had the chance to try GoFar and see for myself how easy it is to use. The most significant thing about it is how it instantly makes you a better driver,” says Justin Glass, Greenfleet’s Business Development Manager.

This cutting edge little piece of equipment has the power to prevent a great amount of carbon pollution from being produced and that’s what we love most about it. When I talk to our supporters about it, they can definitely see the benefits in using a tool that will help cut their fleet cost and reduce their environmental impact.

>> If you too think this is a fantastic concept, be part of the solution: get behind GoFar by backing them on Kickstarter and order your own device early: