Your sustainable transport guide

How to drive better transport decisions for your business

As strong advocates for sustainable transport, Greenfleet and The Net Balance Foundation have teamed up to develop Your sustainable transport guide, to help businesses take action to reduce their transport footprint.

The Guide was developed as a practical 'how to' guide, offering suggestions that any business can implement now, as well as examples highlighting ways that some businesses have already taken action in this area.

The Guide is written in four parts:

  1. Generic Principles and Approach - high level discussion and framework
  2. The Approach in Detail - more extensive information, examples and hints
  3. Quick Guide for Sustainable Transport - a checklist of suggestions
  4. Summary of Resources - an internet reference guide

Suggestions in the Guide focus on:

  • videoconferencing and teleconferencing
  • web conferencing
  • working from home
  • business location
  • walking, cycling and public transport
  • car pooling
  • flexible work hours
  • vehicle needs analysis
  • 'greening' the fleet
  • eco-driving
  • vehicle maintenance
  • remuneration packages
  • freight delivery times and loads
  • stakeholder engagement
  • government engagement
  • transparency

Access an online magazine style version of Your Sustainable Transport Guide here or by clicking on the image above.

You can also download Your Sustainable Transport Guide (7787KB) as a regular PDF document.  We encourage you save it and view it on screen, printing only single pages like the checklists if needed.