Enhancing Recreational Forest Spaces

Coalville Camp sits in a tranquil pocket of the Strzelecki Ranges, just south of Moe.  It is a private retreat that catersfor a large variety of interest groups and, with Greenfleet’s help, nativeflora & fauna species.  In 2005 & 2006, 14 hectares were planted with a broad range of indigenous species which have thrived in the cool, moist conditions. Of this 14 hectares, a large amount has changed hands with a recent sub-division of the property.  The new owner of this section is very understanding of the revegetation project, and is keen to continue with its management.

The owners wished to return as much of the property as possible to forest, in order to benefit the local wildlife.  This has so far been achieved, with a noticeable increase in the amount of bird life,kangaroos, wallabies and wombats living in and passing through the property.  Native grasses are also returning thanks to the more favourable conditions offered by the canopy environment.  The nearby Narracan Creek and its tributaries are experiencing an increase in water quality because of the stability offered by the trees. 

Finally, the forest has also been a great way for the owners to boost business, as it provides a tranquil setting for interest groups and those wishing to enjoy a peaceful holiday.

On top of our regular monitoring program, Greenfleet has also conducted a carbon measurement on this site, with impressive results. These results show that the site is growing at four times the rate predicted by the National Carbon Accounting Toolbox. This is great news for Greenfleet, our supporters and the environment.


Location Size

14ha site just south of Moe, Victoria.

Planting Dates

2005- 2006


  1. Acacia dealbata
  2. Acacia melanoxylon
  3. Bedfordia arborescens
  4. Cassinia aculeata
  5. Coprosma quadrifida
  6. Eucalyptus bicostata
  7. Eucalyptus cypellocarpa
  8. Eucalyptus obliqua
  9. Eucalyptus regnans
  10. Eucalyptus viminalis
  11. Hedycarya angustifolia
  12. Lomatia fraserii
  13. Olearia argophylla
  14. Olearia lirata
  15. Ozothamus ferrugineus
  16. Pittosporum bicolor
  17. Pomaderris aspera
  18. Prostanthera lasianthos
  19. Rapanea howittiana

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