Piecing Together The Patchwork Of Biodiverse Forests

Landscape fragmentation is a significant problem in Australia. Where our landscape was once connected native forests, there is now only small pockets of vulnerable native vegetation surrounded by a sea of open farmland or housing.

However, in partnership with Cassinia Environmental we are piecing together a patchwork of biodiverse forests in central Victoria. Greenfleet and Cassinia joined forces to establish and manage significant areas of vegetation for biodiversity protection, enhancement and connectivity.

Thanks to this collaboration and with funding from our carbon offset program, we have already seeded more than 3000 ha in the area, reconnecting significant patches of remnant vegetation through private land revegetation.

One of the revegetation projects in the area is ‘Tram’ - a 260 ha property backing up to a number of our other reforestation sites and the Mt Korong Nature Conservation Reserve. In 2009, Paul Dettmann, the driving force behind Cassinia, purchased the property and approached Greenfleet to restore the native forest that once prevailed on the land.

One year later, the transformation began as we seeded 250,000 trees. The seed included a mix of 18 species native to the region and endemic to the local ecosystems, such as Gold Dust Wattle (Acacia acinacea), Drooping Sheoak (Allocasuarina verticillata) and Yellow Box (Eucalyptus melliodora).

Fast forward to 2016 and the young forest has emerged, growing healthy trees and already changing the face of the landscape. The stocking rate is high and some trees are already up towering to 6 meters high with most trees above 3 meters.

In March 2016, the Greenfleet forestry team conducted a biodiversity audit of the project. This revealed that a good mix of the seeds is now established; as well as good levels of recruitment of native grasses into the site.

A wide array of native birds utilise the site including, Wedge Tail Eagles, Pied Butcherbird’s, Willy Wagtails, Galahs and Australian Magpies. Reptiles are also common on the property with observation of Eastern Brown Snake, Stumpy Tail Lizards and small skinks. Large numbers of Kangaroos call this forest home and our foresters, Eoghan and David, were also excited to spot a Yellow Footed Antechinus during the last survey. By reconnecting fragmented landscape, Greenfleet & Cassinia are protecting Victoria’s biodiversity and enhancing it for future generation. Our work is protected in perpetuity through a Trust for Nature and Greenfleet covenants, ensuring the biodiversity gains made across the landscape are here for the future generations.

This is a great example of how carbon offset donations are having a direct and positive impact on the environment. Our carbon offset program offers tangible and responsible climate solutions and it's absolutely fantastic to see what we are able to achieve thanks to our generous supporters!

Location Size

239 ha near Wedderburn in Central Victoria

Planting Dates



  1. 18 locally native species seeded

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