Thanks to the support of thousands of individuals and organisations, since 1997 Greenfleet has created biodiverse forests around Australia and New Zealand. Explore the interactive map below to discover some of our native revegetation projects.

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Atiu Creek

Originally cleared for cattle grazing with some mixed stands of forestry, Atiu Creek Farm was gifted to the Auckland Regional Council by Jackie and Pierre Chatelanat who wanted to ensure that all

Australian Lighthorse Memorial Park

Greenfleet was honoured to be a part of the establishment of the Australian Light Horse Memorial Park.


Prior to purchase by Greenfleet in March 2013, the property was used for cropping (mostly wheat and canola) and sheep production with around 500 hectares of poorer soils left as remnant vegetation

Back O'Slaters

Found in the Southern Tablelands of NSW, when the landowners moved in, Back O’Slaters was covered in pine trees, owing to its past as a plantation.

Barolin Nature Reserve

Greenfleet’s Low Glow project goal was to protect Queensland’s endangered sea turtle population and engage the local community to reduce artificial light glow around important turtle nesting sites

Battery Creek

Greenfleet works with many landholders over an extended period to revegetate vast tracts of land.

Baxters Wetland

The area was originally owned by the state coal mine and used to rest the pit ponies.

Big Tree

In 2006, Wayne, a self-confessed lover of trees, worked with Greenfleet to plant a native forest of 10,000 trees over 14 hectares of his property in Matong in Southern New South Wales.


Adrenalin is no excuse for a supersized carbon footprint.

Cardinia Creek

Planting trees deliver benefits for the environment and for people too. In the space of just four years, bare grazing paddocks in outer Melbourne have re-emerged as an oasis of biodiversity.