Thanks to the support of thousands of individuals and organisations, since 1997 Greenfleet has created biodiverse forests around Australia and New Zealand. Explore the interactive map below to discover some of our native revegetation projects.

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Koala Crossing

In 2014-15, Queensland Trust for Nature purchased a number of adjoining properties at the foot of Flinders Peak, just one hour south of Brisbane.

Matsubayashi Nojo (formerly Treehaven)

Matsubayashi Nojo is situated just south of Bathurst on a retired sheep grazing property. The property is home to the highly threatened grassy woodland.

Minjelha Dhagun

Scott Hunter hopes the bare hills just outside Rathdowney, QLD will soon return to life as carbon offset forest sink programs ramp up native forest planting in old farming country.

Mooney Valley

A property dubbed Mooney Valley, southeast of Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, has been used as farmland for decades.

Myamyn Wetland

Myamyn Wetland is located near Hamilton in Western Victoria.

Namadgi National Park

Between 2000 and 2002, Greenfleet helped out by revegetating 70 ha of land in the Namadgi National Park with over 70,000 native trees.

Ness Creek

Together with tree planting professional Frank and his team, we planted 30,000 native trees at Glorious Googies with a mixture of 28 species, re-establishing the wet forest and warm temperate rain

Nevinson Road

Nearly 3,000 native trees were planted at Nevinson Road in July 2019 to take climate action, increase the property's biodiversity and extend wildlife habitat.

Ngulambarra (Pearson Block)

Pearson is a 340-hectare property in central Victoria that forms part of the Wychitella biolink.


Situated on the banks of the Niemur River, an anabranch of the Murray, Niemuroo will complement the ancient River Red Gum forests of the NSW Riverina.